réseau-recherche3The Chair in Religion, Spirituality and Health aims to develop research in its appropriate field by interdisciplinary, in particular anthropological and theological approaches. The projects that it achieves generate papers, conferences and publications.

General objectives

  • To clarify the conceptual linkages between religion, spirituality and health.
  • To develop new aspects of the knowledge and clarify the concepts connected to that new knowledge.
  • To realize studies in the various settings where the integration of religion and spiritualities in the field of the healthcare is realized.

Specific objectives

  • To qualify and estimate the links between religion, spirituality and health.
  • To validate the results of the studies done in this domain.
  • To analyze the practices in healthcare settings and to estimate their efficiency as well as their limits.
  • To investigate the contemporary spiritual universe related to the problems of health, mainly in QuĂ©bec.